Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics

Online version of the book published to Chapman & Hall/CRC (later in 2021)

Public Policy Analytics

Code & Context for Data Science in Government

Modern Statistics with R

From wrangling and exploring data to inference and predictive modelling

Beyond Multiple Linear Regression

Applied Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models in R


This website contains our open materials (books, tutorial, video...) for teaching reproducible research.


Collection of R packages, which aims to provide a unifying and consistent framework for statistics and models

The lidR package

Hands on descriptions and tutorials for using lidR, a package for manipulating and visualizating airborne laser scanning data with an emphasis on forestry application.

Congressional data in R

A comprehensive guide to working with Congressional data (US)

Hands-On Machine Learning with R

This book provides hands-on modules for many of the most common machine learning methods

Insurance Data Science - Use and Value of Unusual Data

32nd International Summer School (2019) of the Swiss Association of Actuaries