Modern R with the tidyverse

Who is this book for?

This book can be useful to different audiences. If you have never used R in your life, and want to start, start with Chapter 1 of this book. Chapter 1 to 3 are the very basics, and should be easy to follow up to Chapter 9. Starting with Chapter 9, it gets more technical, and will be harder to follow. But I suggest you keep on going, and do not hesitate to contact me for help if you struggle! Chapter 9 is also where you can start if you are already familiar with R and the {tidyverse}, but not functional programming. If you are familiar with R but not the {tidyverse} (or have no clue what the {tidyverse} is), then you can start with Chapter 4. If you are familiar with R, the {tidyverse} and functional programming, you might still be interested in this book, especially Chapter 9 and 10, which deal with package development and further advanced topics respectively.