The GT cookbook

This cookbook attempts to walk through many of the advanced applications for `gt`, and provide useful commentary around the use of the various `gt` functions

SQL in rmarkdown

Mix SQL and R code chunks in a .Rmd file to leverage our knowledge in both languages

A quick flight to the edge of the tidyverse

Tutorial created for the February 2021 joint [R-Ladies Tunis](https://twitter.com/RLadiesTunis) and [R-Ladies Saudi Arabia (Dammam)](https://twitter.com/RLadiesDammam) workshop

Join (spreadsheet) to spatial data

A step by step interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorial which presents how to create a map from a spreadsheet of summary data by region. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

Wrangling penguins - some basic data wrangling in R with dplyr

A learnr tutorial to introduce some common functions in dplyr, part of the tidyverse.

Data Science for Psychologists

This book provides an introduction to data science that is tailored to the needs of psychologists, but is also suitable for students of the humanities and other social sciences.

R for Excel Users

This course is for Excel users who want to add or integrate R and RStudio into their existing data analysis toolkit

Notes de cours de R

Ce document (seconde version) a pour but l’initiation à R afin d’être capable de s’en servir de manière efficace et autonome.

Apprendre le langage R

Adaptation en français des tutoriels interactifs « Primers » de Rstudio

Tutoriel d’analyse de séquences

Tutoriel conçu pour accompagner le manuel ***L'analyse statistique des trajectoires. Typologies de séquences et autres approches*** (en cours de rédaction).