GIS and mapping (Part 2)

Second part of a workshop on GIS and mapping with R at thematic school SIGR2021

Using the flextable R package

User documentation for the flextable package, which provides a framework for easily create tables for reporting and publications

The mapsf package

Main features of the `mapsf` package


Create and integrate thematic maps in your R workflow

Network visualization with R

Reference tutorial on static and dynamic network visualization. Continuously updated and developed


This package helps to draw thematic maps. The syntax is based on [A Layered Grammar of Graphics]( and resembles the syntax of ggplot2


This package helps to design cartographic representations such as proportional symbols, choropleth, typology, flows or discontinuities maps... and more

Visualisation de réseaux avec R

Version française du tutoriel de référence 'Network visualization with R' (version 2016), traduit par [Laurent Beauguitte](/authors/lbeauguitte/) en 2017.

Data Imaginist

Blog on data visualization. The author is involved in several reference R packages (ggplot2, gganimate, ggraph, tidygraph...)

Les graphiques

Petit manuel en deux parties sur les fonctions graphiques et les représentations classiques pour la statistique descriptive uni et bidimensionnelle