Greed - Bayesian greedy clustering

The greed packages enables model based clustering of networks, matrices of count data and much more with different types of generative models

Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics

Online version of the book published to Chapman & Hall/CRC (later in 2021)

Public Policy Analytics

Code & Context for Data Science in Government

Modern Statistics with R

From wrangling and exploring data to inference and predictive modelling

Beyond Multiple Linear Regression

Applied Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models in R


This website contains our open materials (books, tutorial, video...) for teaching reproducible research.


Collection of R packages, which aims to provide a unifying and consistent framework for statistics and models

The lidR package

Hands on descriptions and tutorials for using lidR, a package for manipulating and visualizating airborne laser scanning data with an emphasis on forestry application.

Congressional data in R

A comprehensive guide to working with Congressional data (US)

Hands-On Machine Learning with R

This book provides hands-on modules for many of the most common machine learning methods