Simplifying geospatial features

Simplifying geospatial features in R with sf and rmapshaper

Geospatial Network Visualization

How to visualize spatial networks created with `sfnetworks` using `ggraph`

The mapsf package

Main features of the `mapsf` package

Le package mapsf

Les principales fonctionnalités du package `mapsf`


Create and integrate thematic maps in your R workflow

All things R Spatial

Work in progress - An introduction to spatial R for ArcGIS users

afrimapr intro to spatial data

Interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorials to introduce spatial data types, the packages sf, tmap and raster, with data from [afrilearndata](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearndata). Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

A crash course in mapping with African data

Interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorial which presents a gallery of plots using tmap, ggplot2 & mapview. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

Join (spreadsheet) to spatial data

A step by step interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorial which presents how to create a map from a spreadsheet of summary data by region. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

Print Personalized Street Maps Using R

A code walk-through of how to generate streets maps in R using {osmdata} and {sf} packages