Extensions for xaringan slides

xaringanExtra is a playground of enhancements and extensions for xaringan slides.

  • Add an overview of your presentation with tile view
  • Make your slides editable
  • Share your slides in style with share again
  • Broadcast your slides in real time to viewers with broadcast
  • Scribble on your slides during your presentation with scribble
  • Announce slide changes with a subtle tone
  • Animate slide transitions with animate.css
  • Add tabbed panels to slides with panelset
  • Add a logo to all of your slides with logo
  • Add a search box to search through your slides with search
  • Use the Tachyons CSS utility toolkit
  • Add a live video feed of your webcam
  • Add one-click code copying with clipboard
  • Fit your slides to fill the browser window
  • Add extra CSS styles

Each item can be enabled separately, or load everything at once with a single call.

xaringanExtra::use_xaringan_extra(c("tile_view", "animate_css", "tachyons"))

You can install the current version of xaringanExtra from GitHub.

# install.packages("devtools")