Data Science - A first introduction

This is the website for the book *"Data Science - A First Introduction"*. You can read the web version of the book on this site

Tutot@Mate - La méthode Reinert de classification textuelle

Mise en œuvre avec le package `Rainette`

Bayes Rules !

This book empowers readers to weave Bayesian approaches into an everyday modern practice of statistics and data science

Greed - Bayesian greedy clustering

The greed packages enables model based clustering of networks, matrices of count data and much more with different types of generative models

Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R

This book focuses on supervised or predictive modeling for text, using text data to make predictions about the world around us

Advancing Text Mining with R and quanteda

This blog post is based on [this report]( and on [Cornelius’ post on topic models in R](

The lidR package

Hands on descriptions and tutorials for using lidR, a package for manipulating and visualizating airborne laser scanning data with an emphasis on forestry application.

Analyse de données avec R (MOOC)

Cours pour comprendre et appliquer les méthodes fondamentales de l'analyse des données

Introduction to Supervised Learning

Workshop organised by the Summer School 2018 of the LabEx DynamITe**, about supervised learning applicated to Road Pattern.


Outil interactif d'exploration statistique uni- bi- tri- et multi-variée.