Writing dynamic and reproducible documents

An introduction to R Markdown

RMarkdown for Scientists

This is a book on rmarkdown, aimed for scientists. It was initially developed as a 3 hour workshop, but is now developed into a resource that will grow and change over time as a living book

R Markdown Cookbook

Book designed to provide a range of examples on how to extend the functionality of your R Markdown documents

Building Shiny apps

This tutorial is a hands-on activity complement to a set of [presentation slides]( for learning how to build Shiny apps.

Geospatial Health Data - Modeling and Visualization with R-INLA and Shiny

This book describes spatial and spatio-temporal statistical methods and visualization techniques to analyze georeferenced health data in R


A Handbook for Teaching and Learning with R and RStudio

Ajouter une actualité sur Rzine

Documentation (et modèle) pour ajouter une actu sur

Référencer un.e auteur.e sur Rzine

Documentation (et modèle) pour référencer un.e auteur.e sur

Référencer une ressource sur Rzine

Documentation (et modèle) pour soumettre le référencement d'une ressource sur

Reproductible Corporate Publications with R

The pagedown package (talk slides)