R Screencasts

List of real-world examples of data analyses and visualization, provided with codes, datasets and the workshops recordings

TSAR - Topological Study of Archaeological Refitting (JAS paper)

Methods to analyse fragmented objects in archaeology using refitting relationships between fragments scattered in archaeological spatial units (e.g. stratigraphic layers)

Greed - Bayesian greedy clustering

The greed packages enables model based clustering of networks, matrices of count data and much more with different types of generative models


Package for analysis of geospatial networks. It connects the functionalities of the `tidygraph` package for network analysis and the `sf` package

Geospatial Network Visualization

How to visualize spatial networks created with `sfnetworks` using `ggraph`


This is the on-line version of work-in-progress 3rd edition of *ggplot2 - elegant graphics for data analysis* published by Springer.

Spatial Data Science

This book introduces and explains the concepts underlying spatial data with R

Network visualization with R

Reference tutorial on static and dynamic network visualization. Continuously updated and developed


Articles, tutorials and R packages on network analysis and sports data visualisation

The R Graph Gallery

Une collection de plusieurs centaines de graphiques, organisés par section et présentés avec leur code reproductible.