Package for analysis of geospatial networks. It connects the functionalities of the `tidygraph` package for network analysis and the `sf` package

Geospatial Network Visualization

How to visualize spatial networks created with `sfnetworks` using `ggraph`


This is the on-line version of work-in-progress 3rd edition of *ggplot2 - elegant graphics for data analysis* published by Springer.

Spatial Data Science

This book introduces and explains the concepts underlying spatial data with R

Insurance Data Science - Use and Value of Unusual Data

32nd International Summer School (2019) of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

Network visualization with R

Reference tutorial on static and dynamic network visualization. Continuously updated and developed


Articles, tutorials and R packages on network analysis and sports data visualisation

Visualisation de réseaux avec R

Version française du tutoriel de référence 'Network visualization with R' (version 2016), traduit par [Laurent Beauguitte](/authors/lbeauguitte/) en 2017.

Awesome Network Analysis

An awesome list of resources about network analysis, including tools and R packages.

Data Imaginist

Blog on data visualization. The author is involved in several reference R packages (ggplot2, gganimate, ggraph, tidygraph...)