École thématique SIGR2021

Site web de l'école SIGR2021 sur les "Sciences de l’information géographique reproductibles"

École thématique SIGR2021

École thématique CNRS "Sciences de l’information géographique reproductibles"

Analyse d’images raster (et télédétection)

Support d'un cours réalisé dans le cadre de l'école SIGR2021

GIS and mapping (Introduction)

A lecture on the GIS and mapping ecosystem of R. Communication for the thematic school SIGR2021

All things R Spatial

Work in progress - An introduction to spatial R for ArcGIS users

afrimapr intro to spatial data

Interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorials to introduce spatial data types, the packages sf, tmap and raster, with data from [afrilearndata](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearndata). Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

A crash course in mapping with African data

Interactive [learnr](https://rstudio.github.io/learnr/) tutorial which presents a gallery of plots using tmap, ggplot2 & mapview. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**](https://github.com/afrimapr/afrilearnr) **package**

Introduction to Spatial Data Programming with R

This book contains the materials of course named *Introduction to Spatial Data Programming with R*, given at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Intro to GIS end Spatial Analysis

Compilation of lecture notes for an Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis course


Collection of data sources and tutorials on visualising spatial data using R