Travailler avec R

Introduction à R, R Markdown, Shiny, la création de packages et l'utilisation de GitHub avec RStudio


Package for creating and deploying surveys in Shiny

Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny

Book under active development - Manipulate Shiny tags, Harness the power of CSS and JavaScript, import and convert existing web frameworks...

JavaScript for R

Enhance your data science products with JavaScript [**Under development**]

Big Book of R

The biggest collection of free R programming books

Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps

This book is about the process of building an application that will later be sent to production.

Mastering Shiny

Online version of a book currently under early development and intended for a late 2020 release by O’Reilly Media.

Héberger une application Shiny sur le serveur

Petit tutoriel qui présente comment héberger une application Shiny sur le serveur, et comment utiliser ses propres fichiers au travers de l'application.


An R package to allow interactive exploration of multivariate analysis results

Building Shiny apps

This tutorial is a hands-on activity complement to a set of [presentation slides]( for learning how to build Shiny apps.