Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 5

Introduction to Data Science

Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R

Wikidata and Correspondence Archives

How Wikidata can add some value to populate a sparse correspondence dataset with basic metadata

Data Science for Psychologists

This book provides an introduction to data science that is tailored to the needs of psychologists, but is also suitable for students of the humanities and other social sciences.

Big Book of R

The biggest collection of free R programming books

Circular visualization in R

This is the documentation of the circlize package

The Mockup Blog

Personal blog about data wrangling, analyzing, modeling, and visualization


Handmade tutorials to help you master ggplot2


This R package aims to automate most of data handling and visualization

Temporal Network Analysis with R

Learn how to use R to analyze networks that change over time. Lesson from [The Programming Historian](