Archeofrag, an R package for Refitting and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

Publication of the package in the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS paper)

R Screencasts

List of real-world examples of data analyses and visualization, provided with codes, datasets and the workshops recordings

TSAR - Topological Study of Archaeological Refitting (JAS paper)

Methods to analyse fragmented objects in archaeology using refitting relationships between fragments scattered in archaeological spatial units (e.g. stratigraphic layers)

Greed - Bayesian greedy clustering

The greed packages enables model based clustering of networks, matrices of count data and much more with different types of generative models


Suite of R packages for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data

Analysis of Prehistoric Iconography - R package iconr

Modeling Prehistoric iconography with the iconr package


Package for analysis of geospatial networks. It connects the functionalities of the `tidygraph` package for network analysis and the `sf` package

Exploring the E-road network

Have a look at a graph representation of the E-road network that involves major roads in Europe and parts of central Asia.

Geospatial Network Visualization

How to visualize spatial networks created with `sfnetworks` using `ggraph`

Modern Data Science with R (2nd edition)

This is the online version of the 2nd edition of [Modern Data Science with R](https://www.routledge.com/Modern-Data-Science-with-R/Baumer-Kaplan-Horton/p/book/9780367191498)