R Workflow

R Workflow for Reproducible Data Analysis and Reporting

Building reproducible analytical pipelines with R

How using a few ideas from software engineering can help data scientists, analysts and researchers write reliable code

Onyxia, une plateforme de traitement de données moderne

Séminaire RUSS - Séance du 3 février 2023


0pen-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc

Get Started with Quarto

This workshop is designed for those who have no or little prior experience with Quarto

Data Science - A first introduction

This is the website for the book *"Data Science - A First Introduction"*. You can read the web version of the book on this site

Travailler avec R

Introduction à R, R Markdown, Shiny, la création de packages et l'utilisation de GitHub avec RStudio

Formation R avancée

Outils de développement et de performance

PROcessus de Publications REproductibles avec R

Séminaire RUSS - Séance du 3 juin 2022

How to manage code and data for open science (and yourself)

Good practices for building a R project