Visualizing distributions with Raincloud plots with ggplot2

How to plot different version of violin–boxplot combinations and raincloud plots with the {ggplot2} package

R Charts (& R Coder)

In this site you will find tutorials and code examples to start learning R and R graphs made with base R graphics, ggplot2...

R Charts (& R Coder)

En este sitio encontrarás Tutoriales y ejemplos de gráficos de R con su código hechos con el paquete graphics de R base, ggplot2...

Simplifying geospatial features

Simplifying geospatial features in R with sf and rmapshaper

A crash course in mapping with African data

Interactive [learnr]( tutorial which presents a gallery of plots using tmap, ggplot2 & mapview. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**]( **package**

Join (spreadsheet) to spatial data

A step by step interactive [learnr]( tutorial which presents how to create a map from a spreadsheet of summary data by region. Also **available by using** [**afrilearnr**]( **package**

Data Science for Psychologists

This book provides an introduction to data science that is tailored to the needs of psychologists, but is also suitable for students of the humanities and other social sciences.


Collection of data sources and tutorials on visualising spatial data using R


Wébinaire hebdomadaire sur l’analyse d’enquêtes avec R et RStudio, qui s'appuie sur le projet [analyse-R](

GIS and mapping in R

Introduction to the sf package