R for Non-Programmers - A Guide for Social Scientists

This book provides a helpful resource for anyone looking to use R for their research projects, regardless of their level of programming or statistical analysis experience

Data Science - A first introduction

This is the website for the book *"Data Science - A First Introduction"*. You can read the web version of the book on this site

Travailler avec R

Introduction à R, R Markdown, Shiny, la création de packages et l'utilisation de GitHub avec RStudio


Website for Stata users who are interested in learning R

Cours R de Master en Statistique & Econométrie

Supports et exercices utilisés pour des Masters de Statistique & Econométrie, et *Data science for social sciences* à l'université Toulouse Capitole

How to manage code and data for open science (and yourself)

Good practices for building a R project

Stratégies Numériques en Sciences Sociales

Cours et tutoriels proposés par l'axe sciences sociales computationnelles du CREST-CNRS

Introduction to Data Science

Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R


Documentation collaborative à l'usage des agents de l'Insee

R Charts (& R Coder)

In this site you will find tutorials and code examples to start learning R and R graphs made with base R graphics, ggplot2...