Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 5

Représentation graphique avec R

`ggplot2` et la grammaire graphique

Travel time calculation with R and data visualization with Observable

Application to artifical climbing walls in Paris and its neighbourhood

Data Science - A first introduction

This is the website for the book *"Data Science - A First Introduction"*. You can read the web version of the book on this site


This package allows the use of Observable notebooks (or parts of them) as htmlwidgets in R

Covid-19 - dataviz et vulgarisation

Séminaire RUSS - Séance du 1er avril 2022

R Screencasts

List of real-world examples of data analyses and visualization, provided with codes, datasets and the workshops recordings

Data Visualization with R

This book helps you create the most popular visualizations

ComplexHeatmap Complete Reference

This book gives comprehensive overviews of heatmap visualization in R by using the ComplexHeatmap package

Introduction to Data Science

Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R