R for Non-Programmers - A Guide for Social Scientists

This book provides a helpful resource for anyone looking to use R for their research projects, regardless of their level of programming or statistical analysis experience

Tutot@Mate - La méthode Reinert de classification textuelle

Mise en œuvre avec le package `Rainette`

Le Descriptoire

Manuel traitant du recueil et de l'analyse de données textuelles avec R

R Screencasts

List of real-world examples of data analyses and visualization, provided with codes, datasets and the workshops recordings

Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R

This book focuses on supervised or predictive modeling for text, using text data to make predictions about the world around us

Introduction to Data Science

Data Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R


Documentation collaborative à l'usage des agents de l'Insee

Premiers pas avec {Quanteda} pour l’analyse linguistique

Cet exercice a pour but de vous familiariser avec le module Quanteda pour l’analyse linguistique

Text mining with tidy data principles

Interactive tutorial with exercices about text mining with tidytext

Getting the most out of text

Using supervised and unsupervised approaches in NLP (R-Ladies Tunis)