easystats is a collection of R packages, which aims to provide a unifying and consistent framework to tame, discipline and harness the scary R statistics and their pesky models. List of easystats packages:

  • report: 📜 🎉 Automated statistical reporting of objects in R
  • correlation: 🔗 Your all-in-one package to run correlations
  • modelbased: 📈 Estimate effects, group averages and contrasts between groups based on statistical models
  • bayestestR: 👻 Great for beginners or experts of Bayesian statistics
  • parameters: 📊 Obtain a table containing all information about the parameters of your models
  • performance: 💪 Models’ quality and performance metrics (R2, ICC, LOO, AIC, BF, …)
  • effectsize: 🐉 Compute, convert, interpret and work with indices of effect size and standardized parameters
  • insight: 🔮 For developers, a package to help you work with different models and packages
  • see: 🎨 The plotting companion to create beautiful results visualizations